The symptoms of phimosis actually have a distinction between true and false

Phimosis is male The widespread problem of genitals, and the phimosis will bring great harm. Phimosis symptom What are the performances?

What are the symptoms of phimosis?  What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

The What are the symptoms of foreskin?

Based on the symptoms of phimosis can be divided into two kinds of true phimosis and false phimosis, explained in detail as follows:

False phimosis

Pseudo-phimosis, when erected, only need to pull it down by hand, it will reveal the glans, even in the erection will automatically break out. Phimosis is mostly false, so there is no obstacle to sex.

True phimosis

The foreskin is always wrapped in the penis of the glans penis. The glans can't appear regardless of how the hand is pulled. In particular, when the glans and the foreskin are stuck together, it's hard to tear them apart. Peeling away may cause inflammation, etc., which can cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to peel off the foreskin. Can only be resolved by surgery. True phimosis affects Ejaculation Can't make a lot of sperm enter uterus Inside, so it became one of the men's infertility due to the ease of enveloping the dirt and semen Infected bacteria are not hygienic, so it is easy to cause infections such as glans penis. When the penis is not hygienic or infected with inflammation, female Sexuality can cause women Infertility or Cervical cancer . If it is true phimosis, surgery should be performed as soon as possible treatment .

What are the symptoms of phimosis?  What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

The hazard of phimosis

Loss of libido

The foreskin of the phimosis is not easy to move, and when it is sexual intercourse, it will feel pain or sexual intercourse difficulties, resulting in diminished libido.

Masturbation is frequent

For a long time, the prepuce is mildly irritated due to the stimulation of hand smudging, burning and itching, and the idea of ​​masturbation is easily caused by reflex.

Frequent ejaculation

When a foreskin older is active, such as riding a bicycle, riding a horse, walking or sleeping, it is easy to lose sperm due to friction.

No ejaculation

Because no direct contact with the glans occurs during phimosis, the sensitivity is low and ejaculation is not easily obtained.

What are the symptoms of phimosis?  What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

Penile lesions

Phimosis or prepuce is closely related to the tumor. Most urologists believe that the formation of lesions is due to urinary pollution and chronic irritation, leading to penile lesions. Historical records: Every penile disease patient has a history of phimosis or prepuce.


Due to the above reasons, the improvisation may be impaired and impaired, affecting the husband and wife.

Incarcerated phimosis

When the phimosis is over the coronary sulcus, the tightening of the preputial foramen creates a incarceration ring that causes the incarceration of the phimosis, which causes congestion, edema, infection, or necrosis of the foreskin. This situation is caused by children's curiosity, and adults are caused by masturbation and sexual intercourse. If they are not repaired in time, blood flow is easily blocked, and the glans have a phenomenon of congested water clocks, and even a long-term necrosis occurs. . Once incarcerated, it is found that it is advisable to do a quick dorsal incision to restore the blood.

Cervical lesions

For those with prepuce or phimosis, the chance of his wife getting cervical lesions also increased significantly, which proves the close relationship between cervix and foreskin urine. (Reference website: Feihua Health Network)

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