shock! Phimosis and foreskin is not the same disease

For the foreskin and phimosis these 2 disease Many people often confuse, think that the two are the same disease, but the fact is not the case, the foreskin and phimosis are two different diseases. The hazard of phimosis is far greater than the damage of the prepuce, and these two diseases will bring us no small harm. Today we will teach you how to tell exactly what a phimosis and foreskin is.

Phimosis and foreskin is too long What are the hazards of phimosis How to distinguish phimosis

The difference between phimosis and foreskin is too long

Foreskin is too long male In adulthood, the foreskin on the penis directly wraps around the penis, so that the penis cannot be normally exposed. However, when the penis is erected, it will allow the glans to be as breathable as normal people. And the foreskin is directly valgus, this is the so-called foreskin is too long. The phimosis is not the same, specifically the penis is all wrapped in the foreskin, but the foreskin is relatively narrow, the foreskin is difficult to eversion. You can use foreskin valgus during routine judgment an examination In the end it is a long foreskin or phimosis. Although phimosis is inborn, some of them are still found in the case of long prepuce, when the prepuce is too long and not for a long time. treatment Let the foreskin mouth stick together and become smaller.

Phimosis and foreskin is too long What are the hazards of phimosis How to distinguish phimosis

Affecting reproduction health

When the patient suffers from phimosis, the urine and sebum produced by the foreskin are very easy to form smegma. If these smegma are inside the foreskin, it is easy to cause Dermatitis Or penisitis and other diseases.

Trigger Premature ejaculation

When the foreskin has been wrapped around the glans for a long time, it will make the glans abnormally sensitive. When we are in sex, we will make the glans sensitive because of the touch, which will cause premature ejaculation.

Phimosis and foreskin is too long What are the hazards of phimosis How to distinguish phimosis

Affect the development of glans

If patients with phimosis, it is very easy for men to have repeated infections in the urethra, it is very easy to cause the glans and foreskin has been in a situation of adhesion, and once this situation will allow the glans to develop blocked In some cases, there may even be glans development and deformation.

How to care for health care

In the past few years, spicy food With irritating foods that everyone loves, but if you eat these foods are very easy to cause the phimosis to be irritated, and once the disease then it will become more serious.

Do not wear too tight trousers at ordinary times, because these trousers will make the penis play with the pants, and will let Private parts The height of the temperature is so easy to cause cancer of.

Many times, the diseases caused by phimosis are basically caused by smegma. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the penis in normal times, and all the dirt in the foreskin should be washed away so that the bacteria can no longer hide. (99 Health Network ( ) Zhuangao, if you need to reprint please indicate the source. )

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