What are the typical symptoms of phimosis?

Many people know that the prepuce is too long and they have some understanding of the prepuce, but they don't have any understanding of the phimosis. Some people still wrongly think that the phimosis is the prepuce. And today we're going to talk to you about some phimosis symptom Performance, let you know what is phimosis in the end.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

Phimosis symptoms

True phimosis

This refers to the typical symptoms of phimosis. In fact, it is the position where the foreskin covers the glans. Then we want to turn the foreskin and find that it cannot turn over, and the foreskin mouth is also unusually narrow.

False phimosis

False phimosis refers to the relatively narrow position of the foreskin, which can then be used to turn the foreskin harder, but when it is turned up, it is found that the blood vessels have been stretched, become very easy to bleed, and may appear during sexual intercourse. The feeling of pain.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

Physiological phimosis

When a physiological phimosis occurs, it will be found that only a little bit of the foreskin wraps around the glans. There are no obstacles in erecting the penis, but the prepuce of the physiological phimosis is relatively poor and basically becomes very loose. So that can not be wrapped behind the glans.

Incarcerated phimosis

When this occurs, the foreskin is narrow and the glans only show a little, but when the penis is erect, it is found that the glans are only wrapped in the foreskin. If this happens, it is very dangerous and needs to be done. Surgery treatment .

The hazard of phimosis

Impede penile development

The foreskin is basically wrapped in the penis, and when the phimosis occurs, it is the same as the foreskin that wraps the entire penis, which also allows the penis to remain in a bound environment, which will obstruct the development of the penis.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis What are the risks of phimosis?

Induced penile inflammation

When phimosis appears, it is very easy for smegma to accumulate under the prepuce. In addition, there is a lot of sebum inside the prepuce that secretes secretions. This has always hidden under the prepuce and can easily lead to the growth of bacteria, causing penile inflammation. .

Injury to the kidney

When phimosis occurs, it is easy for the penis to become inflamed, causing the urethral opening to become narrow, resulting in abnormal urination. When long-term difficulty in urinating occurs, urine accumulates in the kidneys all the time, causing the kidneys to continue to bear the burden and eventually hurt the kidneys.

Induced cancer

When phimosis occurs, it needs early treatment, otherwise it is very easy to cause genital disease These diseases are very prone to infection. And if there is no treatment, these diseases will also be transmitted to the partners in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, if serious, then it will cause cancer. (99 health network( Www.99.com.cn ) Zhuangao, if you need to reprint please indicate the source. )

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