Phimosis Hazards Caused by 6 Reasons

Foreskin phimosis this phenomenon male It is very common among friends. disease Seriously threatening men health ,null, affecting the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife, due to the appearance of foreskin phimosis, it is easy to let male friends infected with balanitis, so male friends on the phimosis phenomenon to be carried out in a timely manner treatment Otherwise, there will be more problems and even affect infertility and infection. Foreskin phimosis will only increase the burden on men, must be timely surgical removal, or prolonged existence is not only easy to form smegma, then, what are the factors caused by phimosis it?

What are the causes of phimosis Why phimosis What is the danger of phimosis?

Causes of phimosis

First, congenital penis head foreskin adhesions.

Second, the acquired penis Dermatitis Symptomatic adhesions, or dermatitis, can cause long prepuce.

Third, bacterial infections, male penis by the bacteria infestation, resulting in contraction of the penis body tension, resulting in the foreskin is too long.

Fourth, the penis foreskin due to traumatic hematoma caused by adhesions, or burns formed after the formation of scars caused by the foreskin pulling strength, resulting in the foreskin can not be turned over, the penis head can not be exposed.

5. Male penis lacks the energy to grow upwards. The growth of the penis is much slower than the growth rate of the foreskin. As a result, the foreskin is too long.

Sixth, men's foreskin lacks stretching force. If the foreskin is born narrow, it is easy to appear too long.

What are the causes of phimosis Why phimosis What is the danger of phimosis?

What are the hazards of phimosis?

1, easily lead to incarceration.

The man with a small foreskin is unable to recover from the foreskin. The foreskin is stuck firmly in the coronal sulcus and becomes incarcerated. It is not painful. In severe cases, the glans may suffer from edema due to poor blood flow, and may even cause glans necrosis.

2. Cause Premature ejaculation :

Because the foreskin is too long, the glans cannot contact with the outside world, resulting in local nerve Sensitivity is very high, leading to premature sexual penis due to over sensitivity Ejaculation .

3, hinder the normal development of the penis:

During puberty, the penis head is tightly wrapped by the foreskin and cannot be stimulated by the outside world. The development of the penis head is greatly constrained, and the circumference of the crown of the penis after the development of the sexual organ is significantly smaller, which affects the sexual pleasure.

What are the causes of phimosis Why phimosis What is the danger of phimosis?

4, leading to genital inflammation:

The foreskin is rich in sebaceous glands that secrete large amounts of sebum. Excessive foreskin can prevent the secretion of the foreskin's endothelium from being excreted. The sebum and urine precipitates synthesize cheese-like stinky smegma and foreskin stones. Smegma suitable for bacterial growth, can cause balanitis, urethritis and so on.

5, damage to kidney function:

Due to inflammation of the penis, it can cause narrowing of the urethral orifice or anterior urethra, resulting in difficulty in urinating. Long-term urination difficulties, renal function will be damaged, and even lead to kidney failure death .

6. Increase the incidence of sexual partners:

The encased glans penetrating a large number of pathogenic bacteria, was brought into sexual intercourse female In the vagina, it is easy to cause gynecological inflammation. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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