Foreskin Phimosis Most Injured Men 4 Ways to Prevent

Foreskin phimosis this phenomenon male It is very common among friends. disease Seriously threatening men health ,null, affecting the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife, due to the appearance of foreskin phimosis, it is easy to let male friends infected with balanitis, so male friends on the phimosis phenomenon to be carried out in a timely manner treatment Otherwise, there will be more problems and even affect infertility and infection. Foreskin phimosis will only increase the burden on men, must be promptly removed by surgery, otherwise the existence of a long time is not only easy to form smegma, then what are the risks of phimosis it?

What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? How to prevent phimosis?

What are the hazards of phimosis?

1. The foreskin envelops the whole head of the penis and cannot be turned down completely. However, it can be turned upside down. It will produce smegma for a long time. It will be creamy and accompanied by odor. This is a good place for bacteria to grow. The phimosis may induce the kidneys. Disease can also be easily caused Premature ejaculation .

2. As long as the penis of childhood can urinate, it will be different from the puberty of sex hormones. Hormones will increase secretions and contaminate the inside of the foreskin. If you inadvertently become infected with bacteria, you may be at risk of developing penile diseases. Moreover, penis-promoting rooms with dirt can also cause women to become infected. It is said that unclean phimosis is caused by cystitis, uterus The cause of endometritis.

3, due to phimosis, urethral orifice stenosis, bladder sphincter contraction during urination, intravesical pressure in the urethra overcome the resistance before or at the same time, but also exceed the bladder can withstand the pressure of the hair's sheath, urine along the ureteral reflux, ureter, The renal pelvis dilates, causing upper urinary tract bacterial infections, resulting in secondary reflux nephropathy and even renal impairment.

What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? How to prevent phimosis?

The How in life prevention The hazards of foreskin phimosis?

1. Avoid unclean sex

To prevent the phimosis of the foreskin, daily care should be taken to avoid unclean sexual intercourse. A couple who suffers from sexual organ diseases should suspend sex and receive prompt treatment. Patients with trichomoniasis or Candida albicans infection should be treated with a couple.

2. Do circumcision

Experts say that if caused by the foreskin or phimosis Dermatitis When inflammation is severe, inflammation can be controlled after circumcision. Doing foreskin phimosis surgery can avoid repeated inflammation of the foreskin glans.

What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? What is the danger of foreskin phimosis? How to prevent phimosis?

The 3, pay attention to personal hygiene

Experts point out that personal hygiene should be taken care of daily. Males with phimosis or phimosis should clean the glans and foreskins daily, clean the smegma caused by the foreskin in time, avoid inflammation, and clean up properly.

The 4, pay attention Sexually transmitted diseases

Foreskin phimosis prevention should pay attention to what? Because sexually transmitted diseases are not always manifested as urethritis, the first manifestation of inflammation is foreskin glans, or foreskin glans. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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