Excessive foreskin can lead to short penis

For most of them male Friends, in daily life, will certainly pay great attention to their penis health , But also will be very concerned about the size of the penis, because this is not only related to their own sexual well-being, but also related to their sexual ability, however, when male friends appear prepuce, it will seriously affect their own sexuality , But also the size of male friends, the penis is also related to the foreskin is too long, it appears that the foreskin is too long on the hazards of male friends are relatively large.

包皮过长有什么危害 包皮过长的危害是什么 包皮过长怎么治疗

Harmful foreskin

1, resulting in short penis

I believe all male friends are very concerned about their penis size, especially in front of their own sexual partners, I hope their size can make friends happy, but male friends, in addition to the penis size genetic factors, but also The foreskin is too long, the foreskin is too long will affect the development of the penis, resulting in short penis, so once male friends have their own penis prepuce phenomenon should be timely treatment .

2, cause inflammation

Most male friends think only female Friends will have inflammation, not knowing that male friends will also suffer from inflammation, and lead to male friends, part of the reason for inflammation is because the male penis prepuce, although the prepuce appears apparently harmless, but also Does not affect the male urination, but the foreskin is easy to contain some bacteria and dirt, which is the foreskin secretion of some of the unpleasant taste, a long time the dirt and bacteria stimulate the glans to trigger a series of inflammation or Is male disease .

包皮过长有什么危害 包皮过长的危害是什么 包皮过长怎么治疗

3, easy to make women sick

Among the couple's sexuality, if the male friends are often in the prepuce circumcision, do not use condoms directly into the female vagina, it is easy to make female friends suffering from inflammation and some Gynecology Disease, so men who have long foreskin must pay attention to.

Excessive treatment of skin inventory

The most effective way to treat the prepuce is circumcision. Korean circumcision for many prepuce phimosis patients completely ruled out phimosis foreskin. It completely avoids the bleeding of the usual surgery, easy to produce scars, the shape is not satisfactory shortcomings. Circumcision combines the Korean surgical plastic surgery technology, its fast, painless, beautiful, enhanced sexual function and no repeat treatment of good results, more powerful than the current other circumcision, especially for sexual enhancement , More prominent. In addition to active treatment of disease, in addition, men's circumcision must pay attention to the operation, so that surgery is successful.

包皮过长有什么危害 包皮过长的危害是什么 包皮过长怎么治疗

There are many ways of foreskin surgery, a laser, a high frequency electric knife, the other detachable line, there is automatic absorption. Therefore, the phimosis and prepuce, should be implemented as soon as possible surgical treatment. It is worth mentioning that, although the foreskin is too long, little effect on health, but sometimes due to the foreskin is small and the formation of incarcerated phimosis, is the foreskin Le solemn coronary sulcus can not push down. At this point the approach should be reset as soon as possible, practices can not be reset, you should ask the doctor cut the tight mouth of the foreskin, and then surgery. (Reference site; excellent health network)

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