Phimosis is not easy to cause penile cancer male phimosis how to do?

In the case of male Inflammation of phimosis

1, the impact of the development of the glans, in some phimosis patients, if repeated urethral infection, it is likely to cause the foreskin and glans of the adhesion, affecting the normal development of the glans, severe glans deformity.

男性包茎有哪些危害 阴茎癌是什么 男性包茎怎么办

2, no Ejaculation , And the foreskin is too long caused Premature ejaculation The reason for the contrary, not ejaculation is often caused by phimosis. In this case, because the glans have been received skin Also too much protection, glans rich nerve Conductive stimuli, stimulating excitement function disappeared, published in sexual life to stimulate the need for ejaculation stimulation intensity, it is easy to appear without ejaculation.

3, triggered cancer , Male smegma is one of the important causes of male penile cancer.

4, premature ejaculation, common in the usual foreskin to cover the glans, but in the erection when the glans exposed. As the usual glans mucosa hidden in the foreskin, the glans mucosa usually by the friction, less attack, making the glans mucosa nerve feeling too sensitive. When the sex life after the erection of the glans exposed, when the glans and vagina for friction, stimulation will be due to the glans mucosa nerve is too sensitive to trigger premature ejaculation, resulting in Impotence The

男性包茎有哪些危害 阴茎癌是什么 男性包茎怎么办

In the case of What is penile cancer?

Penile cancer is originated in the penis head, coronary ditch and foreskin lining mucosa and penile skin malignant tumors. Is the most common malignancy of the penis, accounting for more than 90% of penile tumors. The most common pathological type is penis squamous cell carcinoma, accounting for about 95% of penile cancer. Therefore, the penis cancer is almost synonymous with penis squamous cell carcinoma, resulting in the neglect of the existence of other types of penile cancer.

In the case of Male phimosis how to do?

1. Infant childhood congenital phimosis, the foreskin can be repeated trial on the fold, in order to expand the foreskin mouth. Way to be gentle, not too much rush to the foreskin retreat up. When the penis head exposed, clean smear, coated with antibiotic ointment or liquid paraffin to lubricate, and then the foreskin recovery, otherwise it will cause incarcerated phimosis. Most children have this way treatment With age can be cured, only a few need to do circumcision, for the foreskin incarceration, the need for emergency implementation of manual reduction, if necessary, do foreskin dorsal incision.

男性包茎有哪些危害 阴茎癌是什么 男性包茎怎么办

2. acquired phimosis patients because of its foreskin mouth was fibrous stenosis ring, need to circumcision. The indications are as follows:

① foreskin mouth fibrous stenosis ring.

② recurrence of the penis head Dermatitis The

③ 6 years old foreskin stenosis.

For the foreskin circumcision indications vary, some countries and regions due to religious or ethnic habits, after birth, do circumcision routine. Some people think that circumcision can reduce penile cancer and married women Cervical cancer The incidence rate. However, there are data that the conventional circumcision of the Israeli and circumcision is not popular in the Nordic countries, the incidence of these two kinds of cancer are very low, no significant difference. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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