Foreskin is too long what harm

In response to this problem, the following Xiaobian to specifically for everyone to introduce, I hope Xiaobian the following description can cause everyone's attention.
Expert introduction, with other parts of the skin Similar to the foreskin on the plate also has sebaceous glands, especially in the coronary ditch and its sides, there are some deformation of the small sebaceous glands, known as too Sen glands, its secretion than other sebaceous glands are much stronger. As the phimosis and some foreskin is too long, the urethra outside the foreskin block road, urinate when it is inevitable that some urine retention in the foreskin cavity.
Too Sen glands and foreskin inner plate of the small sweat glands secretions and urine deposits intimate contact, forming a smegma. Smegma, like cream, also has a special smell, often stimulate the foreskin and the glans, but also a good culture of bacteria base, if not promptly cleaned, it is easy to inflammation.

Smegma and chronic inflammation of the stimulus, penile papilloma and penile cancer is the main reason, more than 90% of patients with penile cancer have long smear, chronic inflammation of the history.
Because of the harm of smegma, can cause severity ranging from repeated attacks of the glans Dermatitis , symptom Severe, can cause foreskin edema, necrosis and ulcerative dermatitis, bacteria climb up, can produce urethritis, cystitis and even pyelonephritis.
Due to infection within the foreskin cavity can be affected sperm Of the active force, resulting in infertility; may also occur foreskin glans adhesions, so that the foreskin is too long will be converted into a pseudo-phimosis, a few people may be due to foreskin adhesion and foreskin mouth is too small, can cause dysuria, serious will cause Hydronephrosis, late can lead to renal failure, uremia.

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