What is the difference between the foreskin and the phimosis?

Though treatment The way is not the same, but the two in general, the harm is indeed similar to the foreskin is too long and phimosis easily lead to the following adverse effects:
1. Premature ejaculation : The most common in the usual foreskin to cover the glans, but in the erection when the glans exposed. As the usual glans mucosa hidden in the foreskin, the glans mucosa usually by the friction, less stimulation, making the glans mucosa nerve Feeling too sensitive.
When the sex life, the erection after the glans exposed, when the glans and vagina for friction, the stimulus will be due to the glans mucosa nerve is sensitive and trigger Ejaculation Prematurely, causing premature ejaculation.
Not ejaculate : And prepuce premature ejaculation caused by the contrary, not ejaculation is often caused by phimosis. In this case, because the glans have been received skin Of the excessive protection of the glans of the nerve conduction stimulating, stimulating excitement function disappeared or weakened in sexual life does not achieve the stimulus required to stimulate the intensity of ejaculation, prone to ejaculation.
3. affect urinary function : Severe phimosis, foreskin openings narrow like pinholes, urination when the urine can not be smooth discharge, the foreskin will be like a small ball, so easy to lead urinary tract infection.
4. prone to incarceration phenomenon : Due to the foreskin mouth is small, such as the foreskin barely turned up and not timely reset, narrow foreskin mouth can be tight in the coronal coronal ridge, hinder the distal foreskin and penis blood circulation, resulting in the penis and distal foreskin swelling, time Long, foreskin and penis head will be ischemic necrosis.
5. trigger cancer The potential danger : Studies have shown that in some phimosis patients, male The smegma is the result of male penile cancer, female child Cervical cancer One of the important reasons.
6. affect the normal development of the glans : In some phimosis patients, if repeated urethral infection, it is likely to cause the foreskin and glans mucosa adhesion, affecting the normal development of the glans, severe glans deformity.
7. induce penis head Dermatitis : Because the foreskin under the long-term accumulation of dirt and smegma, easy to allow bacteria to grow, causing inflammation and swelling and pain.
To determine the phimosis or foreskin is too long, can be determined by self-examination, the method is:
In the penis coated with soap, so that the foreskin inside and outside the lubrication, the left hand fixed penis, the right hand will push and push the foreskin back, if the skin will be turned over, for the foreskin is too long; if the foreskin is too small can not turn up, The
If you want to cut the foreskin, to the doctor's standard, then there are the following several criteria:
1. completely or not completely foreskin is too long, so that the foreskin is difficult to retreat and clean the situation will cut the foreskin, so as to avoid complications.
2. suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, cauliflower, it is necessary to cut off, because the foreskin is too long may make these viruses hiding under the skin, resulting in can not be completely eradicated, repeated recurrence.
3. Occurrence of irregular spots on the foreskin, because it is likely to be a precursor of penile cancer.

4. foreskin is too long affect the urinary system, causing difficulty in urination, urethral orifice deformation, also need to circumcision.
Many people have a misunderstanding: The same time as the above-
Infant fins will naturally heal. Most infants 3-4 years old due to reproductive organs and reproductive organs of the erection, foreskin can naturally flip. But there is a part of the child foreskin mouth is very narrow, even to adolescence still can not naturally flip.

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