“Foreskin is too long” calamity and more

In our country, an average of every three male There is a prepuce is long, every 10 men have a suffering from phimosis. Foreskin, phimosis problems are small but big.
The same time as the above- Are "foreskin is too long" to blame
The same time as the above- Case
Mr. Zhang and his wife in 3 months ago into the marriage hall, but not honeymoon period, his wife appeared on the frequency of urination, urgency problems, and often accompanied by pains. The doctor determined that she was infected with mycoplasma, chlamydia treatment His wife gradually out of trouble. But did not last long, she and the old disease recurrence, married life, more pain. Finally, Mr. Zhang to accompany his wife came to a hospital Urology Center, the experts analyzed the disease, the proposed Mr. Zhang also do something an examination The

All this is Mr. Zhang foreskin too long to blame, the experts told Mr. Zhang in fact he was infected with mycoplasma and chlamydia, but not yet symptom , But also with his wife formed a cross infection, which led to her illness recurrent.
The same time as the above- What is phimosis and prepuce?
A man, especially before the age of 7, foreskin is relatively long, covering the entire penis and urethral orifice. Later, with the development of youth, penis volume increases, the length of the growth, the foreskin will be back to the back, so that the penis and urethral orifice exposed to the foreskin. If the adult, foreskin stenosis, or the foreskin and the penis head is still sticky, the foreskin can not turn up, exposing the urethra or penis head, medically called phimosis; if the foreskin can reveal the glans, but the foreskin is very small , Cover no urethral outside, said the foreskin is too long.

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